Oswal Infra has hundreds of man-years experience in the design and construction of control systems. Although specific specialization has been in projects for power stations and oil and gas processing plant, including refineries and oil well equipment, Oswal Infra has attained deep understanding of the software and hardware of all major manufacturers, giving the company the knowledge and versatility for any project in the automation field.

Faster Project Completion
You achieve quicker turnaround on projects because facilities preparation and process system design take place at the same time. Faster Time to Market.

Time to market is an essential metric for any company. You can eliminate weather delays by completing the process fabrication indoors. Besides, the process system has already been fully assembled and tested when the process skid reaches your facility.

Cost Savings - It is faster to build in modules, which reduces labor and material costs. It is less expensive to transport the process skid. Existing operations can continue to generate revenue because building the modular process skid package is done offsite.

Higher Quality Fabrication - Fabricating the process system indoors means that there are virtually perfect conditions when completing all welding and other demanding tasks. Additionally, your MRO supplier employs skilled technicians who are well trained and available on demand. Reduced Safety Issues

When you start with assembled and tested systems, there is less OSHA exposure for your facility staff. Not only that but since the system was fabricated in such excellent conditions, there is less risk of safety issues arising after the system is in use.

  • Early Production Facilities/Quick Production Set-up
  • Instrument and Service Air Packages
  • Water Treatment Package
  • Gas Dehydration Package
  • Hydrogen Production Package
  • Nitrogen Production Package: Membrane & PSA
  • Vapor Recovery Unit
  • Gas Compressor Package